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Uzbekistan, Nurata district

Seasons in Nurata

Nuratau mountains

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Nuratau mountain ranges, located in the Kyzylkum desert near the city of Navoi, are one of the most beautiful natural monuments of Uzbekistan. "Nurata mountains" is a huge oasis stretching for 170 kilometers. Climbing to the highest peak – Khayatbashi peak, which is a landmark of Nurata district, you can see the whole beautiful world of Uzbek lands.
Locals are happy to welcome new guests from other cities and countries. The nature of Nurata is beautiful all year round, but tourists are recommended to come in autumn and spring – these are the most favorable times of the year in this district.
The choice of the tourist season
The most favorable season for tourist trips comes with the arrival of spring. It is at this time of year begins to bloom wild Apple, fragrant almonds, cherry trees and apricots. Looking at the mountain ranges you feel the awakening of nature, clean air, caressing the face, fills the soul with freshness and gives a sense of peace. By the end of the season you can see and also take part in the ancient traditional customs of silk fiber creation. Spring rainy climate creates favorable conditions for the flourishing life of the local valley and tourism in the areas of the Nurata mountains.
Summer is the Central season for travel. Despite the dry summer weather on hot Sunny days, you can feel great and easily tolerate the heat. Ripe harvests allow you to feel the juicy taste of ripe fruit. Local natives are happy to drink a Cup of hot tea even in 43 degree heat. Sitting under a mighty tree, covering the entire trestle bed with a shadow, you can try sweet watermelon, melon, dried apricots and other Uzbek sweets. The mountain waters are so pure that they appear to be molten silver in sunlight.
Autumn periods are very colorful. Since September, farmers begin to collect the long-awaited harvest. Strong torrential rains create a feeling of coolness and give freshness to the whole living world. The temperature reaches a minimum of -23 degrees and a maximum of-39 degrees. At such moments, it is recommended to sit indoors, as possible mud flows.
In winter, the air temperature can change dramatically and drop to -22 degrees at night and in the afternoon to + 22 degrees Celsius. Visiting Nurata at this time of year you should seriously approach with a choice of guest house. The winter season is rich in unique stories. Exploring the mountain plains, snow-covered with a thick layer, it is impossible not to see . Despite the cold, in reservoirs cut thin plates of ice wild birds: geese, ducks and others. It is impossible not to visit the ancient baths, also popularly referred to as a Hammam.

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Uzbekistan, Nurata districtSeasons in Nurata


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